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3.rd year in a row, we hosted an Open house event for all who wanted to come by for a couple of hours with Art, Coffee and Irish music.

What a joy!

Below are some glimpses from the day…….

Love from Lise.


“Living room shop” is filled!

Lise (right) popping by Celeste, our daughter and Ida (both 14) who completely handled the cake and coffee serving the WHOLE day! Here they are preparing over 80 pieces of cake.

Lises husband Rune (left) and Jens, who we met last year during open house, played 3 mini concerts with beautful haunting and lively Irish tunes.

Wonderful people

– and Celeste sang for us!

Happpy kitchen girls and guests with focus en prescence

Last concert of the day – a soft afternoon kind of quiet is landing in the room

Me, grateful and tired in a deep, full way!

Tilmeld dig Kreative Tirsdags Vitaminer


En lille mail med et motiv og en opløftende tekst hver tirsdag.

Det er min gave til dig!

Fantastisk, du er nu tilmeldt! Jeg glæder mig til at dele Tirsdags vitaminerne med dig!