I love to see how other people create stuff. Each person has a special way of doing what they do. I paint at the dining table in our living room, and what you can´t see: I´m left handed. Here´s a sneak peak into my painting process…

White canvas, paint, brushes, and an idea

The sight of patterned paper can make me so happy!

Simple start, I glue the paper with Golden medium or glue-lack

Adding thin layers of acrylic paint, using spunge, cloth and water spray. Drawing a sketch with an oily pencil

Painting with acrylics, and some more sketching…and as always at this point, remembering not to judge, trusting the process, trying to stay curious: “I´m here, doing my best. Now show me what will unfold from the canvas today.”

“Quiet now” Here cropped. Almost finished, but still in process…

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