I have a book I name the “Creatve quickie-book”. My friend introduced me to the idea that a creative project can be really quick, like cutting out one picture that inspires you and gluing it into a book of inspirations. And it works, it unclogs the creative pipes and keep the channels open.  Once I found my way with this, I started loving it. Here is a glimpse:

The text in this one reads: CERATIVE QUICKIE – 7 golden rules:

1. Be yourself, always

2. I can truly help others by truly being myself

3. Creative expression needs a high priority, always

4. Gear down, nurture yourself, and good things can happen

5. Move! (body and mind)

6. Seek like-minded people and enjoy what you can bring each other

7. Closeness with yourself, your pictures and your family, step by step

And in the bubble: Ah, yes, the extra one: Practice!

It all was made very quick, no second thoughts, just doing it. Keeping the flow.

This page reminds me of a true indian-summer day in september. When you make creative quickies something unexpected may happen.  It reads:

Put on a red dress, red shoes and red lips and take your life for a ride!  A bit surprising to myself. Especially since I neither own a red dress nor shoes. And my lipsticks are never strong red. Maybe something to explore….

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