The light inside – 21 x 30 cm artprint


Signed art print. The print measures 21 x 30 cm. (A4) and is a copy of the original painting of the same name. The colors appear fine and deep and is printed to the edge.

The original painting is made with mixed media techniques, and in this print you can see how layers of paper mix with semi or fully transparent colors. The finer details are created with molotow pen or a pencil.

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The words in this image reads: “There is a light inside you that connects you to all lights. Even in the darkest night, you are part of a gazillion lights!”

Here’s a secret: When you give your light to the world, you become a shining star. No matter how small and insignificant your light may seem right now. No one, who has ever shed light on this earth, has done it by hiding their light, just waiting for it to grow so strong that one day they could steer straight from the dark and outshine everything. In order to shine bright, you must share your light, even when it’s weak. The act of giving what you can will strengthen your light. When you contribute something, lift someone – yourself or others – you attract more beaming power. Take small, light-filled steps; be the first to forgive; Insist on not judging anyone too fast, and do something you love to do. Then notice how you, through small simple actions, become connected to all lights in the world. When you share your light, you become part of a giant human Milky Way. (From Creative Tuesday Vitamins – you can sign up – for free – from landing page.)

The print fits perfectly in a 21 x 30 cm frame – or in matted, a larger frame. It is printed on an Epson printer on high quality photo paper, adding fine durable depth to the colors.

We pack your print secure and with creativity and send it in cardboard envelope or roll, so it will arrive safely.

NB: Didn´t find the image you were looking for? You can choose the item called CHOOSE YOUR OWN IMAGE – and thus choose from all the Lise Meijer designs available.

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