Where the soul is listening – notebook with fine print (limited edition)


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This notebook has a sparkling silver background and a fine print in beautiful quality and color. The image is called “Where the soul is listening”. The image itself has a message in Danish written in it, translated it means: “Where the soul is listening the heart of everything is singing”.

At the back there is also a beautiful little picture. Your own personal book.

The notebook is packed in cellophane bag and measures 15 x 21 cm. (about A5) – with lines on the paper.

Where the souls is listening:

Underneath all sounds – under all the noise of the world, a more silent sound is flowing; the sound of everything that lives and breathes. The collective sound of the beating heart of it all; animals, people, plants, mountains and valleys, seas, stars and planets.

When you listen with the soul, you can hear how all living things rings together, like one secret tone underneath it all; hidden from those who are only absorbed by the noises of the world. But to hear it you must listen with your soul.

We humans are not that different from each other; Each of us sometimes forget that sound underneath it all, when we only listen with our ears. And then we often get carried away, caught up with everything that can be weighed and measured right now, and things may seem insoluble. We may even get so far away that it looks like we can´t find our way back home again.

But we can always find our way home. When we listen with thesoul, time dissolves, concepts become elastic and the road turns up as we walk it.

When you listen with the soul, you are already at home.

Welcome home!

– Lise Meijer

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