The way home – notebook with fine print (limited edition)


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This notebook has a sparkling golden background and a fine print in beautiful quality and color. The image is called “The way home”.

At the back there is also a beautiful little picture. Your own personal book.

The notebook is packed in cellophane bag and measures 15 x 21 cm. (about A5) – with lines on the paper.

The way home ….In the darkness, the stars shine brighter. And we can see more clearly that we are part of an infinite universe. Our problems change character when we remember this. Who started it, said what or is right, is not so important in the light of something so big.

See if you can sneak out in the dark winter night and catch a starry moment. And notice that it is both magical, incomprehensible and strangely reassuring to see the stars shining in the dark.

Your home is in a universe filled with beautiful lights. We are part of something big. And we are here together.

– Lise Meijer

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