The gift of water – notebook with fine print (limited edition)


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This notebook has a sparkling silver background and a fine print in beautiful quality and color. The image is called The gift of water.

At the back there is also a beautiful little picture. Your own personal book.

The notebook is packed in cellophane bag and measures 15 x 21 cm. (about A5) – with lines on the paper.

Here is a song from the water to you:

“Dear you. Come to me when you are depressed, and I will clear your mind. Bath in me when you turn hard, and I will teach you how to flow around the spots where there is no passage.
When you believe something can´t be done, I will show you that there is away. While you flow in your own true direction, you will, with time and patience, be able to move mountains and shape stones. Yes, you really will!

And when you have hollowed out the stone and moved the mountain, I will share the joy of your victory with all who come and bathe in me. We can work together, you and I, for the healing of you and the world. I am your sister, Water.”

– Lise Meijer


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