It is all connected – notebook with fine print (limited edition)


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This notebook has a sparkling silver background and a fine print in beautiful quality and color. The image is called “It is all connected”

At the back there is also a beautiful little picture. Your own personal book.

The notebook is packed in cellophane bag and measures 15 x 21 cm. (about A5) – with lines on the paper.

“During my daily rounds, I don´t constantly feel connected to the universe and unicorns! I can´t always feel, see or hear the deeper currents in life.

But when I paint, it is sometimes as if I can “see” things through the brush. As if the wisdom that is always present, can get better access to me through images.

This was the case with this painting. It came sneaking up upon me to let me know that everything is connected – all the time. I knew that – with my head. Now I also know it through hand and heart. And if I forget – I will just have to paint again, so that I remember!”

– Lise Meijer


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