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My name is Lise Meijer and to me, life is best when I can hear poetry weaving itself right into in the middle of daily life: dish washing, account making, cooking, a conversation.

I live with my Dutch husband and two half-grown children in a village project south of Copenhagen in Denmark. It is also here, near fields, streams and high grass, I have my studio.

Late in life, I refound my passion for painting, and today I have my own company centered around art: Lise Meijer – Creative Vitamins. Here I am the artist, producer, teacher and director. I have a ton of ​​hats hanging in my office!

Many of my paintings are created in mixed media style with backgrounds of layered patterned paper and wallpaper peeking through acrylic colors. It’s a fun and easy way to begin a painting. I teach those techniques in my painting workshops. Everyone can learn this (also you!).

I created a series of prints, posters and an annual calendar with my own images. The products are sold in a number of stores, as well as in my own web shop.

After for some years having moved too far away from my own creative source, I’ve learned to nourish it every single day. And I love to teach you how to do exactly that during the workshops I offer.

Every Tuesday I send out CREATIVE TUESDAY VITAMINS . A small e-mail with an image and a poetic text. It’s FREE and you can SIGN UP HERE.

If you want to know more:

After 3 years of art education, at 23, I chose to dive deeper into creative skills; dance, theater and performance theater.

Since then I entered a road as a teacher, mostly working with children and young people, and have taught everything from drama to painting, choir, baby-singing and dance.

I put painting on the shelf for many years; I couldn´t see how the paintings I wanted to paint had a place in the world. But one day, I knew it was time to listen deeper. That life had more in store for me if I dared to follow the quiet whisper that kept tugging the sleeve of my soul.

So I began the journey of digging deeper, and step by step (tiny daily steps) I began painting again.

That is a story unto itself; one that is not just about me/ my journey, but rather touches upon all of our collective creative longings and dreams and how to find a practical way to incorporate and meet them in whatever life we are leading at the moment. I enjoy telling that story on small or bigger stages, and sing some songs that appeared along the way and weaved themselves into it, like THIS ONE. 

Here is a selection of videos: me, in the studio, songs I have written, glimpses from exhibitions. You can find my youtube channel with more videos HERE.